We Grow Your Account Or Your Money Back!

Manage My Forex is determined to grow your balance. We use several different proven trading methods that have been successful for us for many years. To get an idea of which sort of methods we use to trade your account, we’ve outlined some techniques and their significance below…

Price Action

Entering/Exiting trades based on candlestick open and close prices are commonly known as price action trading. The good thing about price action trading is that it’s one of the ONLY non-lagging indicators you can use. It outlines market conditions based on the present and not the past! Many short-term traders rely on price action for their trading. It takes experience and is not advisable on low time frames unless you really know what you are doing.

Correlation Patterns

With all the different currency pairs, there are some that have a strong correlation. For example, EUR/USD has a correlation with USD/CHF. They often have the opposite effect. When EUR/USD goes up, USD/CHF goes down. Knowing when to enter and exit are also very important with correlation tactics. Often moves have already taken place.

Conclusion: We guarantee that we will grow your account while managing it. We understand our fees are high for some individuals. For this reason, we have a guarantee that if we are unable to grow your account, we will refund your money in full!